I hope to raise up my child to have strong EQ
Parents of 5 years of “R”

Observing many other parents who send their children to HEGL and hearing about their improvements,I decided to send my child “R” too. Since then, “R” has become much more confident that before!

My child acquires instant memory ability!
Parent of 5 years of “K”

After attending HEGL, my child is able to remember things just by looking or hearing it once! My journey of raising my child has also become much easier as HEGL teachers shares and support me on how to better raise my child.

My child is motivated to learn and do better!
Parent of 3 years of “R”

I wanted my child to have the best education, so I chose HEGL. I agree with HEGL philosophy and education approach too. After attending HEGL, my child’s sensory abilities has improved tremendously and his memory has improved a lot too!

My child learns very fast now and is an independent reader!
Parents of 4 years of “Y”

I noticed that my child’s listening comprehension abilities has improved quickly after attending HEGL and I have learnt from the teachers how to teach my child to read better. These has really benefitted me!

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