Strengthening the whole brain

Our current educational system leaves very little room for the whole brain development, both right and left brain. 

Most children enter schools for enhancing left brain functions such as speech and logically processing.  HEGL whole brain training aims to strengthen the important functions that are related to the both right and left side of their brain;

Strengthening the whole brain will greatly enhance young children learning abilities, allowing them to learn faster and more effectively.  With thirty years of history and continuous research in Japan, HEGL world's leading whole brain development method and programmes encourages independent learning, bringing life-long benefits to young children, especially children from age 0 – 6years old.

Benefits of Heguru brain education:

  • Photographic Memory
  • Concentration
  • True learning ability
  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Comprehension
  • Visual Imagination and Creativity
  • Spatial Recognition
  • Compassion
  • High Speed Processing Ability


How do HEGL activate the whole brain of children?
By giving appropriate stimulations at the right age of development! 

Communication with the baby starts in the mother's womb. The relationship will continue even after the baby is born.

Some children cry more often than others.  Crying is form of communication for the baby before speech ability develops at a later age.  Communication with the baby in the mother's womb will deepen the bond between mother and child, helping in the development of children after birth. 

HEGL aims to develop the 10 basic abilities that children need from early childhood to primary school, which will become the core of all abilities.

First of all, we believe that children should develop "1. mind" as the foundation, and EQ-related emotional control.  We believe that "2. Endurance"should be developed from young age.  Parents can participate in children's learning about how to develop your child's mind and learn the secrets of communicating with your child through learning psychology. Second, HEGL aims to improve children's "3. Concentration", and "4. Imagination". HEGL curriculum developed the right brain during this stage to promote the development of the whole brain, allowing children to develop the best Of their innate abilities!



With the above as the foundations, The next few important areas of of whole brain development are as below :

5. Memory ability
6. Comprehension ability
7. Application
8. Creative ability
9. Speed reading ability
10. High Speed processing ability

These are essential and critical for learning as the child grows up.







In 1997, Founder of HEGL Ruiko Henmi invented the epoch-making technique, the first in the world, of how to read a book and understand its contents, just by turning over its pages. In March 1999, when YBS Television Station ウンナンのホントのトコロ」broadcasted this on national TV program, many could not believe this is actually possible.  Many parents began ask if their children can do the same.  This method of reading well surpasses even speed reading, hence the name of “ Hado Reading ”. 

HADO reading is different from speed reading.  Speed reading is reading the text in the book in a fast manner, perhaps without understanding the content of the book.  HADO reading offers the ability of being able to understand the contents of a book as the child visualize the content of the story in the book as if he is watching a movie.  Hence, the child is able to understand the book thoroughly.  This ability will be very helpful in all aspects of academic life.

In 2011, HADO reading is recognized as one of the abilities in the [incredible Genius Zone].  With more than 19 years of history since 1997, having HADO reading ability naturally posses speed reading ability.

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