HEGL concept

Children at young age, especially under the age of 6, have the innate potential to learn anything and everything, if they are given the opportunity to be developed and harness this incredible period of learning.  Don’t miss out this golden period in their lives!

The golden period of brain development is 0 – 6 years of age.

From 0 – 3 years of age, HEGL believes that the right hemisphere of the brain develops very quickly and children accesses and uses this hemisphere easily. 

The right hemisphere is the “image-brain”.  The left hemisphere, commonly known as “logic and language brain” begins to develop rapidly after 3 years old.  Hence, it is important to give both right brain and left brain stimulation to the child and hence activating the whole brain.  

World’s leading brain development program

With HEGL’s unique whole brain development programs, HEGL’s is the leading school in the world of brain education.

Most children are well developed in the logical and language brain – the left brain.  However, this alone is not sufficient to unleash the unlimited potential in the child.

With 70% of the brain formed before the age of 6, it is therefore crucial to give the right stimulation to both sides of the brain and activate the whole brain at the golden period of the child’s life.  It is HEGL’s mission to do that with it’s unique and proven method in this field of brain edcuaiton.

Developing outstanding true thinking ability

In this age of the 4th industrial revolution, AI or artificial intelligence and other high-tech solutions replace most of the human work.  The child's ability to thrive in the future is no longer the same as the past.  The child need to do what the computers cannot; Computers has no critical thinking ability, no five senses, no ability to create, imagine, make judgments, love or inspire the heart.  These abilities lies in human brains and must be developed from young. 

HEGL believes that true learning ability comes from activating the whole brain.  When the whole brain is activated, the child enters the ‘incredible genius zone’.  In this zone, abilities can be divided into four main areas: 1. high-speed processing ability 2. parallel processing ability 3. instantaneous memory ability 4. 3D visualization ability.  This can be further broken down Into the eight kinds of capabilities: 1. Long-term memory capacity 2. Parallel processing capacity 3. Time control 4. Image processing capacity 5. Reinforcing capacity 6. high-speed memory processing capacity 7. The ability of the heart 8. Total control of oneself.

HEGL's Whole Brain Development Program brings huge amount of information into the child's brain through systematic instructional techniques. Each session and course content is carefully researched and designed so it is most effective. 

Cultivating EQ and Endurance

With the lack of empathy in our society, more children cannot best control their emotions; With more and more emphasis on academic performance, availability of mobile phones and computer games, more children are likely to lack good self-control and endurance . In order to help children develop EQ and endurance, HEGL education has the following five characteristics

Enlarging “Vessel” for the Brain
It has been found out that the brain develops fastest from birth up to six years of age. It is during this crucial period that brain is stimulated and developed is at its most effective. It is very important that the parents show complete faith in their children’s abilities at this stage.
Drawing out Multiple Talents from the Children’s Personalities
We provide children with ample opportunities to discover their hidden talents. When they show interest in something and is encouraged to pursue it, they will feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment and their brains development will be further enhanced.
Giving Children Self-Confidence and Exploiting Potential
Children get very excited when they realize they can do something, no matter how simple it is. Believing that they can do it, we give them plenty of opportunity to discover what they can do by themselves.
Cultivating the Power of the EQ
Showing and fostering love in the heart of child plays a major part in cultivating the minds of children. Children must feel that they are loved unconditionally. We will provide the best support possible to work hand in hand with the parents so that the child can grow up in love.
Harnessing Genuine Thinking Power
We help children to develop the ability to think logically and evaluate matters calmly. We prompt them to ask and be curious to question. To this end, we hope to develop genuine thinking power.

Cultivating True learning ability

In today's era of technological revolution, elites from the past who did well in state examinations through route learning will likely be replaced by artificial intelligence technology.

The definition of learning has changed. It is not enough just to learn by route memorization, but the human senses need to be activated to make sense of the real situation happening in this world that machines cannot solve, and only humans can.

Nobel laureate James Joseph Heckman, an American economist, argues that the most effective investment in education is in the age of 0-6 years from the point of view of labor economics – Hence, early childhood education is very important. HEGL's emphasis is particularly centered on how to unlock, cultivate the child's true learning ability rather than how to cope with the exam.



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