Originates from Japan with over 30 years of proven results, HEGL or Heguru, is the world’s leading whole brain development school with centers in 11 countries.  Recipient of numerous awards, HEGL with it’s head-quarter in Tachikawa, has attracted the attention of the world with astonishing results achieved by HEGL students.  Being broadcasted on national TV often, the HEGL program is adapted by japan Avaiation Academy in 2006. In 2011, Ruiko Henmi, founder of HEGL also received the “super Teacher” award in Japan.     


With HEGL’s unique fast-paced and structured method delivered by two teachers in a high-energy lesson packed with over 50 engaging activities of never-ending fun and stimulation, HEGL method is proven to strengthen brain’s capacity in children at young age, especially under the age of 6, where a child’s brain capacity can be made bigger with the right stimuli.  It is often quoted by parents that The HEGL method helps the child concentrate better, achieve higher IQ, acquire ability for a high speed data processing, photographic memory and many others. The child would benefit as they will be able to use these abilities freely when he or she grows up.  Come and experience our programmes and be the first to benefit.


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