Right Brain Development Programmes


In each training programme, students will be encouraged to develop their creative minds through fun and interactive activities that exercise comprehension, memory, analytical and logical thinking skills. Not only do these modules enhance the student’s learning abilities, the routines also cultivate appreciation in arts and the keenness for sports. As such, a student will then maximise the full potential of the right brain.  In addition, there will be  two teachers in each lesson to bring the best delivery possible to students. 

Aside from students, parents also benefit from the education programme as they will enjoy bringing up their children while harnessing true potentials of the Heguru Method.  We believe wholeheartedly that Happy Parent raise Happy Children!  The Heguru Method is a wholesome and balanced training programme that emphasizes on positive character-building and aims to shape our children to be future leaders that can give back to the society. 

This unique education and training program is spreading quickly around the world and is now available to you in Indonesia for the first time.  We genuinely believe that every child is a genius and encourage you to join us to experience this method firsthand and reap the benefits to the fullest. 

Come and experience the power of Heguru with us.  Our infant & toddler class is now open - Sign up here!
(Currently only infant & toddlers class are offered. Look out for a wider range to be offered soon.) 

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