What’s unique about HEGL’s programme?


「High energy lessons packed with over 50 engaging activities of never-ending fun and excitement」

With HEGL’s unique fast-paced and structured method delivered by two teachers in a high-energy lesson packed with over 50 engaging activities of never-ending fun and stimulation, HEGL method is proven to strengthen brain’s capacity in children at young age, especially under the age of 6. It is often quoted by parents that The HEGL method helps the child concentrate better, achieve higher IQ, acquire ability for a high speed data processing, photographic memory and many others.

2.Multi-language custom made materials specially for brain development

Program materials consist of multiple languages to allow children to gain early exposure to languages and is specially designed for effective brain activation.  By creating new materials for every lesson, it allows children to be fully engaged in the lesson.  With strictest quality control of custom-made materials under Japan’s guidance for brain development, HEGL is proud to deliver the best to our students.

3.Teachers trained personally by HEGL Founder with the highest standard

With a small class size of not more than 8 children in a class, every lesson is delivered by two highly trained and energized teachers.  Our main teachers are not only strong bilingually with rich overseas experience, they are trained by HEGL founder themselves to ensure the highest standards in Japan are met.

4.Brain Activation Classroom

With guidance from Japan, every classroom has been specially designed to incorporate the use of sound and lighting for effective stimulation of the brain development using HEGL unique fast paced teaching method.

5.Parents guidance program

After every lesson, HEGL provides parents education and progress monitoring of every child to ensure every child progress. Such support and guide aims to help every parent unleash the unlimited potential in their child.

HEGL’s Programme Highlights

Linking Memory

Using a story method can increase memory capacity!

Super Flash Card

Activating the right brain by high speed inputs, this effectively trigger and stimulate brain connections and increase concentration!

Logical Thinking

With massive information delivered in many different ways, it strengthens the brain capacity of the child.


Speed numeracy, different from traditional teaching of numbers, activates the right brain and lays a strong foundation for future learning

Dance and Rhythms

Age 0 – 3 years old child has a natural positive response to music and rhythm, hence, many parts of the lesson incorporates music and rhythm into the activities.


The right brain senses can be activated by cultivating it.  With it activated, children become more sensitive to the people around him or her. 


HEGL nummerkasten, is a special tool created to allow children to have a concrete way of learning the concept of numbers.

Specially designed custom-made materials!

Program materials consist of more than 50 custom made activities and materials in multiple languages specially designed for effective brain activation.

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