As an expert in children's education, the founder of HEGL International Education, Ruiko Henmi, believes that every child is born with unlimited potential. Therefore, the goal of early childhood education is to develop children in most appropriate and natural way so that they can unlock their natural learning ability and fulfill their dreams in lives.


After more than thirty years of in-depth research and practice on children's education, HEGL has developed an effective early childhood education program with proven results. HEGL's educational approach focuses on unlocking children’s natural learning ability so that they can learn faster and more effectively.  This is different from conventional education methods that focus on merely instructional teaching and practice.  Such learning ability can be best developed and acquired during early stages of the child’s growing up years before primary school.  Hence, HEGL education consists of programmes that are meant for early childhood education and whole brain training for your baby, toddler or preschooler, from pre-natal stage, to infant & toddlers, preschool and through to primary school.  HEGL capitalise and maximize the learning spurt of children during their formative first six years.

In HEGL’s education, we aim not only to raise the genius in the child through right brain development. With the rapid development of our society, the number o cases of mental illness has been increasing, creating many problems to society. Hence, we at HEGL thinks it is important and necessary to cultivate children's heart with love and bravery to make meaningful contributions and bring happiness to the world.


In the process of a child’s growing up, HEGL seek to provide support and work hand-in-hand with parents to build strong and loving relationship with the child; to give the child a strong and firm foundation in his lifelong learning journey towards success and a most fulfilling life.


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