About DA-AN Centre

The Tree

Tree is a symbol of life.  Life begins in a seed form, just like children.  When a small seed grows to become a big and strong tree, many potentials were unlocked in this process of growing, just like children. We at HEGL hope that every child grows just like a seed into a tree, unleashing the endless possibilities and potentials, inspiring and bringing life to the world. 

The design of reading spaces

Just beside the tree, we plan for children's reading spaces.  Children can pick up the books that they want to read, sit under the big tree comfortably and enjoy the read!  We really hope that every child have beautiful memories of reading under the tree. 

The reason for many “curves”

HEGL Da-an Center has many curved-shaped designs. We do our utmost to remove sharp corners where possible, so that it is safe and comfortable. In this way, children can enjoy and explore our space without danger.

The arc-design is inspired by how our brains work using waves. Such sinusoidal continuous waves also represent an infinite extension of the possibility of our children – where we hope that children unlimited potential can be fully discovered here in our space.

The choice of colors

The overall spatial tones are white and orange, white is symbolic of innocence and dedication, while orange represents passion and creativity! Lift your heads and you will also discover many orange circles – this represents the whole Daan Center is smiling at you!

Choosing green materials

In choosing the building materials for Da-An center, green building materials are preferred and used as much as possible. We want our parents and children to feel at ease and not worry about the harmful effects of toxic building materials. With special attention given to air quality, we have also many high quality air purifiers to ensure best air quality at all times. Special attention has been paid to ensure that children can room around freely and safely even on their own, and parents who have breast-feeding needs, there’s a nursing room prepared just for you. Not forgetting our children who gets hungry often, our pantry is filled with healthy snacks for them at all times!   

High standard for cleanliness

We believe learning happens in a environment well-designed and clean. Hence, we have very strict requirements for our center, where cleaning and disinfection are done daily, to give parents and children a safe environment and peace of mind. 

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