The pace in Heguru classes is too fast and difficult to follow.
At Heguru, the pace of the class is carefully varied. We emphasize speed in a Heguru classroom to fully stimulate the right brain. Rhythmic training such as flash cards requires high speed to develop the child’s brain. Years of research shows we can stimulate our brains through such training and ultimately encourage quick thinking with  enhanced mental strength and capacity.
The achievement level Heguru students are quite high. I am afraid my child cannot keep up.
All parents feel quite the same way. The only reason your child may be behind in a class is because the some others may have a head start. Praise your child for each accomplishment in the activities conducted and in a short time, your child will settle down in our lessons and enjoy learning at Heguru.
I honestly don’t expect too much from my child. I don’t think a high-standard education, such as the one at Heguru is necessary.

We understand early childhood education may seem strange for some parents, especially when we start infant program from as young as 6 months old. Some parents would rather raise their children in a more relaxed and natural manner. On the other hand, various studies have concluded that such education bridges the gap in cognitive skills when a child becomes older. Hence, we encourage parents to take the opportunity to unlock their child’s potential as they grow and enjoy nurturing a strong learning foundation for them, just like sowing seeds in a field. 
My child is fidgety and it makes me concerned.  What happens if they cannot sit quietly in class?
All children are restless by nature. A child loses interest easily in one thing, and moves to another.  However, a child can receive and absorb information even if he/she may seem not paying attention to that particular thing or activity.  It is the responsibility of parents to choose to create a good learning environment for children early learning years, to help children enjoy the process of learning, cultivating good learning habits for their effective learning in school in the future.
We are a full-time working couple and don’t have time to look after our child’s learning at home. Will it be all right?

It is even more important for your child to learn the Heguru method if parents do not have time to teach their child at home.  As the content of Heguru programs are comprehensive, the child can produce excellent results even if he/she only attends the class once a week.  With parents spending a little more time guiding their children at home, the results will be even more amazing. 
I cannot help scolding my child. What should I do?

Reprimanding your children is not always the effective solution because the question is how you can help your child to improve.  There has to be some extent of “disciplining” but avoid using harsh words.  Using harsh words may discourage the child from progressing and can cause him or her to eventually lose self-confidence.


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